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Education and Exhibitions


EDUCATION 1999 - National Academy School of Fine Arts
1991 - William Butler Yeats Summer School, Sligo,Ireland
1989 - New York Academy of Art
1987 - Art Students League
1986 - E'cole DeFois, Vihers, France
1986 - Parsons School of Design
1983 - Brooklyn Museum School of Fine Arts

2004-The Staten Island Institute of Arts & Sciences Museum
2003- Van Ede & Partners, Den Haag, Holland "Selected Works"
- The Dana Discovery Center, Central Park,NY "Plein Air
-Portraits of Central Park in Celebration of the 150th Anniversary"
- Wagner College Art Gallery S.I,NY "Medley of Media"
2002-Garibaldi-Meucci Museum, S.I, NY "Selected Works"
2001-Richmondtown Historic Museum,S.I, NY "Plein Air Paintings of Staten Island"
1993-Liederkrantz Club, NY "Paintings of Yeats'Country, Sligo Ireland
2003-Arnot Art Museum "Representing Representation VI"
-Arnot Art Museum " 69th Regional Exhibition
-Sotheby's Art Auction Juried Exhibition for Contemporary Artists
-Audubon Artists Annual Juried Exhibition
2002-New York Academy Alumni Exhibition "Convergence"
-Kosciuszko Foundation c/o Amber Gallery "Holiday Celebrations"
-Blue Mountain Gallery Invitational Exhibition
2001-Godwin-Ternbach Museum "Italian American Women Artists"
-Christie's Art Auction featuring New York Academy Alumni
-Art Expo Jacob Javits Center,NY c/o Arts Forum Gallery
2000-Municipal Building, NY -Manhattan Borough President, C. Virginia Fields- Presents The Diversity of Art in a Multicultural Environment -Grand Hyatt Hotel, NY "Italian Americans & the Media"
-Fordham University, Bronx, NY"Voices of Italian American Women
Keepers of the Cultural Flame"
-Pakistan Mission-Prints & Drawings

- Pastel Society of America Juried Exhibition at The National Arts Club
- American Artists Professional League
- Cork Gallery at Lincoln Center New York
- The Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Juried Exhibition at The National Arts Club
- Columbia University
- The Union League Club
- The Salmagundi Club


Quotes on the Artist

Raymond J. Steiner ART TIMES

"It perhaps goes without saying that Trombetta works only from life, never using photographs and only rarely working from a sketch. Here is where her early training in draftsmanship serves her so well."..... For me, this quality of "touchability" is merely an extension of Trombetta's need to communicate an objects "thereness"-its tangibility as well as its visibility-that the object is,in fact, a manifestation occurring in all its glory in space as well as in light. .....Yet, as strong as her need for faithful representation may be, Annamarie Trombetta is enough of an artist to realize that 'reality' can take many and surprising forms. Having mastered the ability to pay homage to what the eye sees, she is now experimenting with what the eye can interpret".

Michael J. Fressola Staten Island Advance

"As a plein-air painter, Ms. Trombetta works out-of-doors. Unlike the Impressionists, who also favored direct encounters with their subjects, she hopes to achieve a close likeness".

Dr. Joachim Pissarro Art Historian

"While Annamarie Trombetta's pictorial skills are superb-her entire outlook on painting combines an infectiously seductive approach with a subtle irony that is sharpened by her masterful control. Trombetta's art is indeed both exciting and perplexing."

Sara Cedar Miller Central Park Historian New York City

"One of the most striking qualities about Ms. Trombetta's artwork is her unique compositional designs and color sensibility. She has taken some of the most recognizable images in Central Park and transformed them into personal perceptions that we can all somehow relate to. Her dedication to her profession and to the Park's historical development gives her work a distinct potency and relevance."

John D. O' Hern Executive Director and Curator Arnot Art Museum

"Annamarie has chosen to direct her training and talent to transforming pigment into a reality that allows the viewer to see in a new way. Her mounting and presentation of the painted images complement her point of view and stimulate the viewer to respond on yet another level."

Bartholomew F. Bland Director of Exhibitions & Collections The Staten Island Institute of Arts & Sciences Museum

"Her work is thoroughly connected and informed by the academy, yet she managed to find her unique voice in painting without being slavishly imitative of earlier artists..... Despite having achieved a high degree of artistic mastery, Annamarie Trombetta remains open, innovative and constantly searching for ways to improve her understanding and the ability to communicate that understanding to the viewer. There is never anything complacent in her work, and I sense that her art will continue to grow and evolve in unexpected directions".